About us

    About us

    DEAS SA is a family-owned company dedicated to offering premium-quality products and services on the basis of a customer-oriented approach. Having achieved these two core strategic principles, our company is nowadays the leader in Greek olive industry. Our main office building and industrial installations, covering an area of 40,000 m2, are located in Kalives region in Halkidiki, Greece.

    DEAS SA philosophy focuses on the exquisite quality of our products, guaranteed by regular controls of the company’s ultra-modern facilities and our innovative processing, storing and packaging methods, all in compliance with the international standards and regulations.

    As it was well said from Aristotle ( Ancient Greek philosopher*)

    Quality is not an act, It is a habit.

    Our regular and strong habit of producing high quality olives.

    *born in the city of Stagira – Halkidiki, Greece


    Our corporate identity is also defined by the top priority we have placed on the adoption of sustainability strategies within a wider framework of environmental, economic and social values, proved in practice by our commitment to contributing to regional sustainable development and the implementation of social responsibility policies and eco-friendly projects. We feel that our orientation in fact enhances both the quality of our products and the role of our company in the region as well.

    Deas S.A.

    Olives & Peppers
    Processing Packing & Exporting

    Kalives, Halkidiki, PC 63100 Greece

    tel. +30 23710 54300
    fax +30 23710 54230, +30 23714 40400

    e-mail: info@deasolives.gr

    sales department: sales@deasolives.gr

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